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Ladder Stays & Stand-Offs

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  • V-notch Alloy Ladder Stay
  • Adjustable Ladder Stay / Stand-Off
  • LSD Wheeled Stand-Off
  • Heavy-Duty Ladder Safety Stay
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Our great range of ladder Stays & Stand-Offs ...

V-Notch Stay  (WSTAYV)   ...  large V-notch allows it to span around downpipes or rest on corners of buildings - a big advantage over the old flat front models.   Keeps top of ladder 300mm / 12" off the wall and away from fragile plastic gutters.   Also useful when working under eaves.   Overall width 640mm / 25" with rubber pads on face of stay prevent damage to building.   Attachment is rapid and secure with a large spring hook.   No tools required.

Adjustable Ladder Stay  (BWASTAY)   ...  keeps top of ladder 17" - 24" / 430 - 600mm away from the wall - adjustment by a series of holes to bolt through. Ideal for buildings with deeply overhanging eaves.  Wider contact on the wall than most stays (stand-offs) with 41" / 1.05m span across the face.  Attaches to ANY ladder with two U-bolts & wing nuts. No tools required except for initial assembly.  Spans over downpipes and rubber pad on each arm prevents damage to building.  Small hook each side allows paint tins or small buckets to be hung when working.

LSD Wheeled Stand-Off  (LSDSOFF)  ...  sorry, discontinued.

Heavy-Duty Safety Stay  (BHDSTAY)    ....  is full Industrial Duty, built to withstand tough daily use.   Hugely strong, but still only 3.2kg in weight. Holds ladder 360mm / 14" off the wall.   Main tubular alloy support bar 40mm diameter is sleeved in hard-wearing rubber to help prevent sideways slip, and is 1000mm / 39" wide for added anti-twist safety.   Th large, deep, central vee-notch enables the ladder to be used on the corner of a building. Conventional stand-offs are very restricted in their use near corners of buildings but the Heavy-Duty Safety Stand-Off securely grips the corner, enabling the user to gain access to the gutter corner where blockages are most likely to occur. The vee-notch also enables the stand-off to be used around down-pipes etc.  Allfixings and spring hook are zinc plated for long life. Atachment is instant and secure - simply hooks over rungs and is held with a large spring hook.

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Ladder Stays & Stand-Offs

Code Description Weight
Ex/Inc VAT
BHDSTAY "Heavy-Duty" Ladder Safety Stay 3.2 £86.00 £103.20 Out of stock.
BWASTAY Adjustable Ladder Stay (Stand-Off) 2.8 £29.00 £34.80
LSDSOFF "LSD" Wheeled Stand Off - DISCONTINUED 2.0 £0.00 £0.00 Out of stock.
WSTAYV V-notch Alloy Ladder Stay 1.6 £26.00 £31.20
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