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  • LadderGuard prevents access to your ladders
  • LadderGuard - fitted in 10 seconds & removed in just 8!!!
  • LadderGuard prevents unauthorised access to your ladders
  • LadderGuard safety alert by HSE July 2018
Normally in central stock & delivered 2 - 3 days
Fitted to comply with the law in just 10 seconds and removed in only 8 seconds!
  • The law requires all ladders to be secured against unauthorised access if they are left against buildings or scaffolding or are permanent fixtures.  Here is how you comply IN JUST 10 SECONDS!   Fit a LadderGuard.  Can be simply removed again in 8 seconds.
  • These are the superior Mercedes Benz of ladder guards.  Top-of-the-range models offering the finest build quality and the greatest choice of size.
  • All-alloy construction prevents rust and strengthening flanges with rolled edges add rigidity and ease of use.
  • Warning "DANGER" label and carrying handle on the front face.
  • Hook over any ladder rung and secured with Locking Plate and Long-Arm Padlock (supplied).  10 seconds to fit & 8 seconds to remove.
  • Comply with HSE requirements to make the ladder unusable when correct size is chosen - at least 5 rungs must be covered and less than 50mm of each rung length exposed.
  • Choice of models for different locations & ladder types.
  • Shorter models 1.42m long will suit most normal applications and when frequently removed.
  • Longer models 2.05m long often preferred in public areas, or for longer term use and especially on permanent access ladders (e.g. vertical steel ladders).
  • Flat tread models P5 & P6 will fit ladders with flat treads up to 127mm deep.
  • More information >> PDF brochure coming soon.
  • Watch the VIDEO >> click the tab below.
  • Need a bespoke SPECIAL or a DISCOUNT for order quantity ?  Please ring 01452 520144 for a quotation.
  • Normally in central stock and DELIVERED FREE most UK mainland in 2 - 3 days.
  • FREE DELIVERY anywhere UK mainland ! !

1. LadderGuards complete with Locking Plate and Long-Arm Padlock

Code Description Length Ladder Width Between
Ex/Inc VAT
LGP1 LadderGuard P1 - standard 1.42m 250 - 375mm 3.0 £79.00 £94.80
LGP2 LadderGuard P2 - wide 1.42m 370 - 480mm 3.1 £89.00 £106.80
LGP3 LadderGuard P3 - longer standard 2.05m 250 - 375mm 4.0 £104.00 £124.80
LGP4 LadderGuard P4 - longer wide 2.05m 370 - 480mm 4.4 £114.00 £136.80
LGP5 LadderGuard P5 - flat tread model - std 2.05m 250 - 375mm 4.1 £121.00 £145.20
LGP6 LadderGuard P6 - flat tread model - wide 2.05m 370 - 480mm 4.5 £131.00 £157.20
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Normally in central stock & delivered 2 - 3 days to most of UK mainland.